I'm a writer for Hommi Publishing. Most of my content can't be sold on Amazon because they don't allow explicit noncon or direct family members. Some of my books have been edited to include the word "step" in front of father or brother, because--let's face it--Amazon rules the world. Some can't be changed and are available at Hommi and other (less money-making) sites.

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Check out my favorite Family Stories

This is a collection of links to my favorite erotica involving brothers and fathers... and, of course, some of it is mine 🙂

Check out my favorite Forced Stories

A collection of stories about bad boys who don't care if the hole is willing.

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Hommi Publishing

All the smutty, erotica my friend, Dyson, and I write. Fairytales, cops gone bad, and controlling stepfathers who love to beat (and fuck) ass.

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