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I made my way to the front, keeping my eyes on the floor. He grabbed my shoulder firmly and turned me to face the class.

I watched my feet and traced patterns in the tile with my eyes, waiting.

“Like I said,” Mr. Lucas continued, “Headmaster has made a new rule.”

The classroom was silent that time as he paused. There was no doubt in my mind he was dragging his announcement out to torture me.

“This will be passed on to all ten room-masters so it will affect all one hundred students. And, all of this is Michael’s fault.”

Pain stabbed the back of my head as his fist clutched my hair and yanked, making me look straight at my classmates.

Confused annoyance flitted across their faces. They didn’t know what the new rule was, but it couldn’t be good, and its being my fault just made their default setting to be pissed at me.

Mr. Lucas took a deep breath. “Masturbation will no longer be tolerated.” His voice was firm as he yanked my hair again.

The mouth of every student in the room, including mine, dropped open. To tell a room full of guys our age to not masturbate was unthinkable. For it to have anything to do with me was even more so.

“You will be monitored in the showers, in your bunks… I know you think you are quiet, but your beds make noise when you do filthy things like pleasure yourself.”

“But… how…” Ian, the oldest guy in the room, stammered. “That’s not possible.”

Ian was probably right—especially about himself. We all knew he had a perpetual hard-on and had seen him beat it every opportunity he got.

Mr. Lucas shook his head. “It is possible.” His grip tightened on my head again, like he was afraid I’d run. “And, I’ll tell you why. We know that hormones racing through your veins make it hard for you to control your… selves, so you are still allowed to relieve yourselves. Actually, Headmaster wants you to do it more often.”

At least the guys had stopped being mad at me. Confusion pushed every other emotion out of all of us.

“Mr. Lucas?” Bobby piped up.

I cut my eyes to look at him without moving my head.

“Yes, Bobby?” Mr. Lucas said. How he could be so stoic when talking to a room full of late-teen boys about jerking their dicks was almost scary.

Bobby pushed his glasses up and paused, picking his words carefully. “How are we to do…” He glanced around the room, obviously not wanting to admit anything. “… it… more if we aren’t allowed to anymore?”

“Well, Bobby, I’m glad you asked. We needed to come up with a sever punishment for our resident pervert here—”

“What?!” I jerked my head to look at him, but his grip was so hard, it almost ripped my hair out. So, I just yelped in pain instead.

Mr. Lucas took a deep breath. “Like I was saying, as punishment, Michael here will take care of all those kinds of needs for you.”

The class erupted.

The din was so loud that the only singular voice I could make out was Ian’s deep, “No fucking way!”

Mr. Lucas didn’t try to stop the mayhem. He just waited.

Tears trickled down my cheeks and I wiped them away. That everyone was able to see me cry made me so fucking mad that even more tears came.