Just Want Me-Short Story


I wiped steam off the bathroom mirror, leaving a streak of cleared glass. The two-inch bruise around my neck showed easily against my bare skin. Yellow tinged the edges like it had tried to heal a hundred times and had finally given up.

Ties covered it during the workweek. Any other time I chose between a turtleneck and a lot of concealer. Since it was a cool October night that would turn into November at midnight, a turtleneck seemed the way to go for the evening.

The floor vibrated and loud clanks echoed from the other end of the house as Tank picked up and dropped weights in his gym.

I’d bought the equipment and converted one bedroom into a gym a little over ten years before. It’d been his first birthday after his mother and I married, and I went overboard on the gifts.

She was ten years older than me. Being twenty-six and suddenly having an eighteen-year-old son scared the hell out of me.

Her son, Tank hadn’t been scared—he was pissed as all hell. So, I overcompensated.

I wanted to make a good impression on my wife… and for reasons I wasn’t ready to admit, my new son.

I’d met her in a bar where she waitressed. With long black hair, the perfect figure, and a personality that made every hetero man’s cock stand up and pay attention, every bar regular and fly-by-night businessman tried to pick her up—and most succeeded. But, I’d landed her.

With a steady, good paying job, she’d felt I’d be a good influence on her son.

The kid needed a lot more than influence.

He was a damned good football player in high school. That and his looks should have kept him knee deep in friends and shoulder deep in pussy. But, the only person who could stand him was the coach.

Tank was a fucking asshole.

He was the kid who pulled wings off butterflies and kicked puppies. Playground fights and trips to the principal’s office took up most of his school day. If it hadn’t been for his defensive tackling abilities, they’d have expelled him.

Playing college ball was all he thought about and, since he didn’t have friends, there was plenty of time to work out and perfect his body.

By the time I entered the picture, his record had kept him out of every college, so he was pissed off, enormous, and beautiful. Women—and quite a few men—couldn’t keep their eyes off him. He never showed interest in the men, but the women caught his eye for a while. As long as their bodies lived up to his idea of perfection.

He’d go on dates and come home early saying the girl was a flake or a cock-tease, then run up to his room and masturbate. It was more likely that his personality drove them away. Sometimes one would ignore his attitude long enough to get a bit of his dick, but they wouldn’t stick around afterward.

From what I’d caught glimpses of, he had a nice cock, but it wasn’t worth the hassle.

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Repaying Dad Bk2 Ch1

Since very few people follow this blog, I feel it's pretty safe to workshop my chapters here and then delete them when I publish the book. I'll post a couple of chapters a week until the book is done. Let me know if you have any thoughts--if it sucks, let me know. If you like it, let me know.

Thanks, TR--and obv this is NSFW shit


 Bruce hadn’t realized how many potholes dotted the road until the Toyota his father had borrowed hit every one on the way into town. He stared out the window as the trees bounced by, looking at anything except his father.

“So…” Bruce started. He stopped, trying to figure out the best way to not piss his dad off even more. “It was nice of Frank to loan us this car.”

He wasn’t even sure how that would go over. His dad had made fun of the shitty little Corolla more times than he could count.

“Yep,” Jim said without conviction. “Real nice.”

They drove on for a few more minutes. Frank didn’t take his eyes off the road.

Bruce shifted in his seat, wanting the ride to be over—wherever the hell they were going. He figured there couldn’t be too much harm in at least asking about that.

“Were’re we going?”

Jim nodded slightly, as if he’d been waiting for Bruce to bring it up. “Two stops. First ones to see Spencer.”

That made total sense. His dad’s truck was at Uncle Spence’s shop. Thankfully, his uncle was the best mechanic in the county making the whole wreck thing a hundred times less complicated than it could have been.

“Cool,” he said.

Jim cleared his throat. “Yeah. He’s gonna loan me a truck until mine’s fixed. I don’t wanna keep driving this shit box.”

Bruce perked up. His friends didn’t mind picking him up, but he needed something to drive to pick up Susan for dates.

And goddamn he needed one. He’d just fucked her twelve hours before, but with all the cock and jizz since then, he needed a refresher in pussy.

“Don’t get too fucking happy.”

The smirk on his dad’s face let him know that he’d hate whatever was about to follow.

“You ain’t driving it.” Jim bumped the blinker lever and took a left into Uncle Spence’s garage parking lot.

Okay. Don’t panic.Bruce considered how to phrase his next question.

“Well, Uncle Spence is a great mechanic. He should have the truck up and running in no time.”

His dad pulled the car into an empty spot right outside the office. The large cinderblock building hadn’t changed for as long as Bruce could remember, right down to the same fading motor oil signs in the office window.

“Right?” he urged.

Jim looked at him for the first time since they’d gotten in the car. He pulled the keys out of the ignition and waited a few seconds as the engine sputtered and shook. When the shudders stopped, he said, “Sort of.

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