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I kicked my shoes and jeans off, tired of having my ankles bound, and knelt in front of the hole. The cold tile on my knees made the whole thing seem even more risky. I leaned in and licked the slit. Seeing he was getting a warm reception, more of the cock appeared and I took the tip in my mouth, running my tongue around the engorged head. A moan let me know I was doing alright so far.

Before long, his cock poked all the way into my stall and I tried to get to serious work. I slowly slid my mouth down the shaft, enjoying the warm, pulsing thickness as it eased past my constantly moving tongue. When it reached the back of my throat, I tried to push it farther. I swallowed, just like the videos had said, as I let it slide into my throat.

I jerked my head back in a coughing fit. The guy chuckled, which made me more determined than ever to take it all. As soon as my breathing was normal, I took it back in my mouth.

The stall door slammed open.

“You okay…” My dad’s voice trailed off as he stared at me.

I jerked back, letting the cock pop out of my mouth, and stared back. There was no way out. No way to explain.

Feeling me stop and hearing Dad, the man in the other stall jerked his cock back to his side.

Dad lifted the shaving kit. “You left this out there, so I grabbed it for you.”

I looked up from where I knelt, wearing just a shirt and socks. I squeaked out, “Thank you.”

He nodded and look of resolve flickered across his face. Glancing at the glory hole, he stepped farther into the stall and closed the door behind him.

He reached over and turned the lock. “You have to remember to do this,” he said, before setting the shave-kit on the floor, crossing his arms, and leaning back against the wall. “You were in the middle of something?”

“I… I…” I stammered, trying to get my feet under me.

He stepped forward and put his hand on my head, pushing me back to my knees.

“No. Keep going.”

I stared up at him. The look on his face wasn’t anger, but I couldn’t quite place what it was. He gripped my head harder and turned it back toward the hole. “I said, keep going.” He pushed until my lips were on the hole and my nose was squashed against the wall.

The rubbery head of the guy’s dick touched my lips. Just from our words, there was no way he could have known the drama unfolding on our side.

My cock had deflated and getting off was the last thing I wanted to do, but Dad didn’t let up.

The mushroom head pushed my lips into my teeth and I had to open my mouth to keep from getting hurt. As soon as I did, it slipped back inside.

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