I walked closer to Jose and got a good look at him. Probably thirty, lean muscles in his legs, square jaw, large brown eyes. His shirt covered his torso, but a bit of fine black hair and a deep valley between muscled pecs showed through the V of his neckline. I had the urge to sit in his lap and ride his cock while I just stared at his thick lips. My cock twitched. The guys stopped making noise, and I realized I was staring.

Dad chuckled. “Looks like the kid likes you.”

Jose grunted as he reached for the cards to shuffle. “I’d like him a hell of a lot better if he’d get busy doing his job.” He flexed his cock, making it bounce. The clicking of the cards was the only sound in the room as I lowered myself between his legs.

Frank snorted. “Damn, Jose. You'll make a hell of a foreman one day.”

The deck of cards slapped on the table as Jose offered it to my Dad to cut. Three cocks in differing stages of arousal shifted in the shadows under the table. I had a lot of work ahead of me and my jaw ached in anticipation. Then I ignored everything else. It was just me and that beautiful shaft.

“You gonna just stare, or you gonna get to work?” Jose asked as he reached for the deck and peeled off the cards one at a time, slinging them across the table.

I’d watched enough porn to know what to do with foreskin—in theory. I braced one hand on the front of the chair to balance myself and used the other to lift the thick rod. Its weight was impressive. Much heavier than my stepfather’s. I rubbed my thumb across the exposed slit of the dark head. A little more of it appeared. It reminded me of a turtle in a nature documentary. I wanted to see what it would take to make it come all the way out.

I leaned in and licked the slit. Jose pushed forward a little. He wanted me to get down to business, but I wasn’t sure when I’d get the chance to get this close to something that intriguing again, so I didn’t rush.

My tongue slipped under the skin. The taste was musky. Manly. I licked around the head, enjoying the feel of my tongue nestled between the heavy foreskin and the head that was filling and taking up more and more room in the cavernous, tasty space. His cock soon jutted out on its own and I was able to let go with my hand.

I was vaguely aware of the betting and chatter above my head until Jose slapped his cards on the table and said, “God damn it.” His large hand grabbed the back of my head and jerked it forward. I barely had time to open my jaw and make sure my teeth were out of the way before his cock was buried in my throat.

I struggled, gasping for air. He had a death grip on my head and I couldn’t pull away. His cock swelled even more, stretching my throat. Panic gripped me and I jerked around trying to get loose. I felt like a fish that had just been taken out of the water and dropped on a dock. He must have liked my panic because he pushed his hips and wedged his cock even farther inside my face.

“Breathe through your nose,” he commanded.

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