Repaying Dad 2: Chapter 3


Mason's an Asshole (but he already knew that)

“Mr. Jim,” Mason straightened his tie and nodded at Dad as he sat in the hair that was still warm from his father. He didn’t even glance at Bruce. Which was good. His poker face was great… but nobody in Vegas could have kept a straight face under those circumstances.

“Hey, Mason. I hear congratulations are in order.” Dad leaned forward, buttering the stupid kid up.

Mason moved a few of the binders on the desk around, trying to look important. “Yeah, Daddy thought it was time to open another store.”

“I’m surprised you’re here today,” Dad said. “I figured you’d have gone out partying last night.”

Mason nodded. For a second, he looked tired, but he quickly caught himself. “Me and some of the boys did. Hell, Dex was with us for a while, but he baled right before we went to the titty bar.”

Dad nodded, but Bruce couldn’t tell what was going through his head. For Dex’s sake, he hoped Dad didn’t come to the right conclusions.

“Well, nobody can blame you for that. Might as well get lucky to celebrate. You deserve it.” Dad was laying it on thicker than horse shit.

If his boss’ nineteen year old son had been promoted over him, he’d have been bullshit. It’s no wonder Mason took so many of the guys from the store to the strip club.

“I… well, I didn’t actually…” Mason shook his head. “Never mind.” He made a point of not looking at Bruce. “Anyway, I was promoted. Some might say it’s a little early—”

“Nonsense!” Dad said. “I’m sure you can make good decisions and wield power with intelligence. You know—keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” He paused for a beat then nodded toward Bruce. “And, speaking of that—”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jim. You know I respect you. And, your other son’s one of my best friends, but I just can’t hire him back.”

He hadn’t even glanced at Bruce, and it looked like he didn’t even want to use his name.

“Look, Mason.” Dad leaned forward. “I understand. Believe me. If anyone knows how worthless my boys are, it’s me. But, he really needs to work, and I swear—” He put his hand over his heart. “This little asshole will do whatever you want, whenever you want. It’ll be nothing but ‘yes, sir, Mr. Keller’ and ‘no, sir, Mr. Keller’ the whole time he works for you.”

Mason raised an eyebrow and finally looked at Bruce. “This true?”

Bruce wanted to punch him and Dad. Instead, he grunted.

Dad’s hand lashed out and punched him on the arm. “He asked you a question!”

Bruce took a deep breath. “Yes, sir…” His insides were having a nuclear meltdown. “Mr. Keller.”

A suspicious—but evil—grin played at Mason’s mouth. “Well, we might be able to work with that. Maybe.”

Dad nodded, encouraged by the way things were going. “Seriously. Anything you want. Mopping, cleaning drains… Hell, if you didn’t get laid last night, my boy’ll suck you off.

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Repaying Dad 2 Ch 2

Chapter 2

Dad's an Asshole

After Uncle Spence got through pointing out a few things he wanted cleaned every week, he and Bruce talked about football.

Maybe this won’t be so bad, Bruce thought. Uncle Spence had only showed him about an hour’s worth of stuff to do and told him that anything else would come from Duane. That’d be fine. Bruce liked the big guy and never got tired of his stories about life before and during prison. He could just kick back and keep the guy talking until his ex-prison friends showed up for their weekly get-together. He’d only met those guys once, but they had been a lot of fun too.

“Did you go easy on him?”

He’d completely forgotten his dad was even there.

“Hell, no,” Uncle Spence said, winking at Bruce. He tossed a set of keys to Jim.

Jim raised the keys. “Thanks.”

He walked back to the car with Bruce in his wake. “We got another stop. Let’s head out.”  He called over his shoulder, “Thanks again, Spence.”

“No problem,” Spence called back.

Duane stuck his head out of the garage bay.

Bruce waved, but Duane’s returned wave was halfhearted. He looked like he was sizing Bruce up for something.

Maybe he’s annoyed that he has to babysit me, Bruce thought as they walked to an older model half-ton truck and got in.

“What are we doing here?” Bruce asked, hoping the stop at the Pack-n-Save Supermarket was just to pick up nachos or something.

The last time he’d left, he’d made a little bit of a scene. The owner’s son, Mason, had gotten on his nerves and he’d walked out after working there a whole week.

Mason was an asshole. He didn’t understand how his brother could be so head over heels over a shit-head like him. His dad had just made him some sort of supervisor and the power’d gone to his head.

Jim seemed happy about getting a parking place right next to the handicapped spaces right by the door. “You’re gonna beg for your job back.”

“Shit! Dad! No way!”

Jim turned a level stare on him. “I’ve already called Mr. Keller. He’s expecting us.” His jaw clenched. “Unless you have another job lined up that I don’t know about…”

Bruce took a deep breath. “No, Daddy.”

“Then we’re going in. You’re begging for your job back. If you don’t walk out of there with the job, no matter what you have to do, I will make your life holy hell until you run screaming out of this county. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir. But—”

“No buts!” Jim grabbed Bruce’s shoulder. “You will work. And right now, this is your only shot at a job. I called a few other places, and they’d all heard about you and that Mason kid fighting in the store. Nobody else wants you right now—even my own damned boss won’t hire you.”

The walk from the truck to the door felt a million miles long and his feet were heavy as tractors.

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Repaying Dad Bk2 Ch1

Since very few people follow this blog, I feel it's pretty safe to workshop my chapters here and then delete them when I publish the book. I'll post a couple of chapters a week until the book is done. Let me know if you have any thoughts--if it sucks, let me know. If you like it, let me know.

Thanks, TR--and obv this is NSFW shit


 Bruce hadn’t realized how many potholes dotted the road until the Toyota his father had borrowed hit every one on the way into town. He stared out the window as the trees bounced by, looking at anything except his father.

“So…” Bruce started. He stopped, trying to figure out the best way to not piss his dad off even more. “It was nice of Frank to loan us this car.”

He wasn’t even sure how that would go over. His dad had made fun of the shitty little Corolla more times than he could count.

“Yep,” Jim said without conviction. “Real nice.”

They drove on for a few more minutes. Frank didn’t take his eyes off the road.

Bruce shifted in his seat, wanting the ride to be over—wherever the hell they were going. He figured there couldn’t be too much harm in at least asking about that.

“Were’re we going?”

Jim nodded slightly, as if he’d been waiting for Bruce to bring it up. “Two stops. First ones to see Spencer.”

That made total sense. His dad’s truck was at Uncle Spence’s shop. Thankfully, his uncle was the best mechanic in the county making the whole wreck thing a hundred times less complicated than it could have been.

“Cool,” he said.

Jim cleared his throat. “Yeah. He’s gonna loan me a truck until mine’s fixed. I don’t wanna keep driving this shit box.”

Bruce perked up. His friends didn’t mind picking him up, but he needed something to drive to pick up Susan for dates.

And goddamn he needed one. He’d just fucked her twelve hours before, but with all the cock and jizz since then, he needed a refresher in pussy.

“Don’t get too fucking happy.”

The smirk on his dad’s face let him know that he’d hate whatever was about to follow.

“You ain’t driving it.” Jim bumped the blinker lever and took a left into Uncle Spence’s garage parking lot.

Okay. Don’t panic.Bruce considered how to phrase his next question.

“Well, Uncle Spence is a great mechanic. He should have the truck up and running in no time.”

His dad pulled the car into an empty spot right outside the office. The large cinderblock building hadn’t changed for as long as Bruce could remember, right down to the same fading motor oil signs in the office window.

“Right?” he urged.

Jim looked at him for the first time since they’d gotten in the car. He pulled the keys out of the ignition and waited a few seconds as the engine sputtered and shook. When the shudders stopped, he said, “Sort of.

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