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Chris enjoyed the warmth of Harley’s tongue on his cock as his brother opened the pocket knife without missing a stroke on the guy’s ass. He hadn’t been sure about using Harley as a sacrifice to the demon, but now that they were in the middle of it, with their cocks buried inside him, he couldn’t even remember what his objections had been.

He pushed into the eager mouth until his balls rested on Harley’s nose. His knees buckled as the guy’s throat contracted and milked his cock.

John dug the knife into his palm, then lifted his hand. A trickle of blood dripped to the ground. Chris reached across and took the knife to make the same cut in his hand.

Then they both pumped Harley’s body in earnest. Chris had felt a little of the effect of the altar when he and John had come searching for it, but even that had only ended in blowjobs. Now that it was activated, it was so intense that he wanted to fuck until his cock bled.

John, buried balls deep in the kid’s ass, held his hand out and Chris, still pumping Harley’s face, grasped his hand.

Their blood mingled.

White light exploded from the carvings under the sacrifice. John and Chris’ hands were yanked apart and their cocks popped out of Harley a millisecond before they thudded to the ground yards away from the altar.

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